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Customers looking for furnace or air conditioning repair in Saluda, SC: don’t waste your time with large chain HVAC outfits that try to get in and out as quick as possible. Hire a local company that hires local HVAC experts, and who know the needs of local customers. Custom Comfort provides AC and furnace repair and installation services, air purification products, and more to help you and your family stay comfortable during the hot and cold season. 

So, what are you looking for?

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AC Repair


Don’t let the hot summer months in Saluda get even hotter. We all know that an air conditioning unit can break down when we need it the most, and depending on the issue it can take mere hours or even days to repair.  

 If you are looking for AC repair in Saluda, then contact Custom Comfort. We can send a professional air conditioning technician out onto your property quickly. They can assess the problem and make the necessary repairs on the spot, outside of necessary parts and labor, which can get your air conditioning moving again without the long wait.  

 So don’t let the South Carolina summer get you. When it gets famously hot and your AC goes out, call Custom Comfort


Air Conditioning Unit Installation


If you need a new air conditioner in Saluda, then look no further than Custom Comfort. Our professional HVAC technicians know all the standard and new AC units, and can install them exactly where you need. Whether it is a roof-mounted unit or one placed on the side of your house, we can install it.


Heater Repair


Once the heat blows over and the wet, cold winters of the Midlands roll in, the last thing you needs is a broken furnace. If you run into this problem, then look for the best furnace repair in Gilbert: Custom Comfort. 


Heater Replacement 


HVAC Service Agreement

Or, if you are in need of a completely new unit, then we can help too! Even after 15-20 years, furnaces suffer from wear and tear… especially if you aren’t someone who gets regular furnace maintenance. We can completely replace your furnace with a brand new one, so your winter stays warm and dry. 



Indoor Air Quality


With Custom Comfort, you don’t have to sacrifice air quality. In fact, we offer several services that can help you maintain amazing air quality suited for general uses, or anyone with allergies.

Filter Replacement

We will help you replace any air filters in your home, and recommend the kinds of filters you need to catch finer particles and organic matter. We can also suggest and install additional air filters for your ductwork or for placement throughout your home. 

UV Lights

UV light destroys organic materials like mold, bacteria, and viruses. We can install UV lights in your ductwork to add that extra layer of protection to ensure that your air is exceptionally clean.

Duct Pressure Test

Poorly-fitted ductwork can cause a loss of air efficiency while allowing vermin and dirt into your air supply. Let us test out your ducts to find any leaks and tears that need repairing.

Duct Repair and Replacement

Once we find issues, we can repair tears or loose joints or completely remove and replace existing ductwork. New and repaired ductwork can make sure that climate-controlled air stays in the ducts, and dirt and other critters stay out. 


HVAC Service Agreement for Saluda Customers

With a Custom Comfort Planned Maintenance Agreement, customers in Saluda, SC get: 

  • Twice-a-Year System Maintenance. To ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly prior to shifts in the seasons. 
  • Priority Service on service calls.   
  • 10% off non-warranty repairs.  
  • No overtime charges for off-hour calls.

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