Custom Comfort is more than a provider of HVAC service and repair for Lexington, SC and surrounding areas. We are a local company born and raised in the South Carolina Midlands. You are our neighbors, our friends, and our repeat customers. We know your issues and the common problems that folks here run into when it comes to their air conditioning service and heating needs.

Custom Comfort

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation

If you are looking for a local air conditioning repair provider that knows the top brands in AC like Heil and Honeywell (but can service ALL brands), and you need someone who can show up quickly, provide accurate estimates, friendly service and top-notch work that is right the first time, then checkout Custom Comfort.

It is a fact that older air conditioners can get loud or inefficient. We handle air conditioner repair and replacement for almost any kind of setup or situation. We know the right kinds and sizes of AC units to install for your home, we know the major brands and how to service them, and we know how to get an old AC unit replaced so that your home stays cool in the summer months.

If you need air conditioner repair near you that fixes all your problems and keeps your house and your family comfortable, then call Custom Comfort.

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Custom Comfort Heating


Heater Repair and Replacement

Once the weather shifts over in those cold, wet, winter months, it’s time to start thinking about your heater. That’s because an old or faulty heater can lead to a few problems that you may not notice until they’ve been around for a while, including

  • Loud fans and blowers
  • Inefficient heating or air circulation
  • Rising heating costs

Our heating and air experts can come in and address loud furnaces that don’t blow hot air anymore, and they can figure out what’s going on if your winter heating bills keep rising. Whether that means heater replacement, heater repair, or just regular heater maintenance, we can help.

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Replace Air Filters Lexington SC

Indoor air quality is one of those areas that we don’t think about much until we are having issues with it. But we have learned over the years that you cannot compromise on the quality of your indoor air. This is especially true in South Carolina, where pollen and mold are rampant.

We use tools, methods, and equipment that follow EPA indoor air quality standards, and provide services and air quality products to help keep your indoor air clean. Whether that is a localized air purifier, a whole house air purification system, UV light filters, or electrostatic filter systems, we have you covered. When the air quality index starts getting in the red, we’ll make sure that indoor air quality standards rise to the occasion.

We also get to the source of the problems by offering ductwork pressure testing services.  We will test the ducts to ensure that no outside air is mingling with it, and that you aren’t venting cold or hot air in the wrong places just wasting money. If your ducts need to be replaced allow Custom Comfort to be your contractor! We can remove all the old duct and install new ductwork with the highest quality standards. We can even help with rebates just ask us how!

Custom Comfort Heating


Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service for Lexington, SC and Surrounding Areas

We are a local air conditioning and heating service provider native to South Carolina. We’re more than just HVAC service and repair experts—we are your neighbors and friends. We know the kind of weather that comes through here . . . the hot, muggy summers, and the damp winters.

That’s why we offer servicing for air conditioners, heaters, ductwork systems, and more. From top to bottom, we can get your heat and ac running efficiently when it counts, make sure your air is clean, and that your ventilation system is working properly.

And, to ensure that you keep your system up to date, we also offer Planned Maintenance Agreements that set up twice-yearly AC and heater checkups and repairs, with reduced costs on after-hours calls and special parts.

With all these options, there is no excuse to stay in the dark regarding your HVAC system. So, call us at 803-542-6400 to get started with a local air conditioner repair and heater service specialist that has your home and family’s best interests in mind.

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