UV Lights

Air Purification and Indoor Air Quality Improvement with UV Light Filters

Some of the best new filtration systems used to improve indoor air quality include UV lights as part of their process.  

“UV Lights?” You might ask. Let us tell you why this is the next step in amazing indoor air quality. 

How do UV Lights Clean Air?

For starters, UV Light is different than your everyday lamp or halogen light. UV light, or ultraviolent light, is light that shines at an energy spectrum. Think about it as a specific kind of vibration:  UV lights provide more energy at a microscopic level then other light. When you go to a beach and get a sun tan (or a sunburn)? That’s UV light doing that. 

The great thing about UV lights is that they are also able to kill microscopic organic materials. That means that mold, allergens, and bacteria placed under a UV light will die.

hvac uv light

HVAC UV Lights

With that understanding in mind, HVAC professionals decided to start experimenting with UV lighting in places where mold and bacteria tend to grow or accumulate. Like, for example, air ducts.  

So, there are now a few air filtration systems that involve placing UV lights in your ductwork. As air passes through the ducts, it could be carrying pollen or bacteria. Likewise, it could also contain moisture that contributes to the growth of mold. But before any of these can make their way into your home (or start growing in your ducts, in the case of mold), the UV lights will destroy them.

Do I Need UV Light Filtration?

It can’t hurt to have it, depending on your situation. For everyday homeowners and business managers, having UV lights in your home or office’s ducts can provide cleaner air. You might notice less odor, and less reactions during allergy season. 

However, if you suffer from severe allergies, sinus problems, or sensitivities to things like mold, then UV lights are exactly what you need. It is amazing how many toxic substances are in our air, and many of us don’t even notice it unless we are sensitive to a specific substance. UV lights can catch and remove many of these. Furthermore, they can make sure that they don’t build up in your air conditioning and heating system. That means that it is both practical and preventative.

Seasonal Allergies

Add UV Lights to your Air Conditioning and Heating System

Call the experts at Custom Comfort to see what you can do about adding UV lights to your HVAC system. If you are suffering from severe allergies or mold reactions, then this solution can make your home a haven from toxic materials that are causing you problems.

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