Duct Pressure Testing

Residential and commercial buildings can suffer from duct leakage. In fact, some studies indicate that duct leakage can take as much as 25% of energy from a heating and cooling system. This is when the ductwork in a building is no longer air-tight, and it allows airflow to escape from the pipes. This means that 

Duct Pressure Test
  • Your AC unit or furnace must work harder to push hot or cold air, 
  • Air will leak into the wrong areas of your building, leaving uneven climate control,  
  • Outside air can mingle with internal, climate-controlled air, and  
  • You are losing energy, and your heating and cooling costs will probably start rising. 

Imagine dumping a bunch of AC air into an attic, or heated air into an unfinished basement you aren’t even spending time in. One way to ensure that your ducts are tight and working properly are to have duct pressure tests.

What Kind of Pressure Tests are There?

There are several metrics used to determine the health of your duct system. Two major ones are:

  1. Experts can test for Air Flow in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This helps determine the soundness of the system in maintaining pressure and airflow.
  2. Leakage area estimates can help professionals figure out and visualize the potential and total amount of leaks in a system.

With these in place, a tester can attach calibrated fans on several spots in the system to introduce air and locate leaks in the building or to the outside of the building. Much like a plumber can test pipes through water pressure, HVAC specialists can use air to test the pressure of a duct system.

Custom Comfort

Getting Experts with Decades of Duct Pressure Testing Experience

Custom Comfort can come in to your home or small business and help you determine if there are leaks in your ducts contributing to a loss of energy efficiency. We also provide services to help patch up leaking areas (if possible) to ensure that your system is running efficiently. If we come into your building and determine that there are leaks, we will provide the expertise needed to get your system running at peak performance.

Call Custom Comfort for Ductwork Testing

If you have a suspicion that your ductwork is leaking, then give us a call. We can be there quickly, provide accurate testing and service estimates, and bring the tools to get real results from our testing. We are here to support local homes and businesses, and we know that the last thing anyone needs is to spend a lot of extra money on heating and cooling.

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