Cleaning Indoor Air

The EPA writes that indoor air, if not properly cleaned and circulated, can carry more allergens and particulates than the air outside of your home. That’s because indoor air recirculates through HVAC systems and, without the proper maintenance and care, collects harmful particles like dust, mold, and pollen.

Custom Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning are the indoor air quality experts in the Midlands of South Carolina. From Lexington to Aiken, Custom Comfort provides services and products that provide clean air for your home, including:

  1. Air Purifiers
  2. Air Filters
  3. UV Filters
Air Filter

Clean Air Filter

Dirty Air Filters Need Replaced

Dirty Air Filter

Whole-House Air Filtration

Custom Comfort technicians can also install whole-home filtering solutions. This includes air filter systems installed right at your furnace or air conditioner, inside your ductwork, or in strategic locations in your house to facilitate clean air flow. 

Depending on the needs of your home, any combination of duct, HVAC, and portable air purifiers could be called for to ensure the health of your indoor air. That’s why our experts will come ready to work with you to assess the situation and provide an accurate quote for the work needed to keep your air clean.

Whole-House Humidifier and De-Humidifier 

Part of what might affect the quality of your indoor air is the humidity. But, did you know that your home can get a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier? Instead of getting a small unit for a specific room, you can install a unit that regulates the moisture of your entire home. This, in turn, can help you balance humidity in your house and prevent things like mold from growing.

These units can help you: 

  • Reduce the chance for mold growth, 
  • Provide better temperature regulation in your house, 
  • Get humidity control without needing to mess with a water source or cleaning. 

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can keep your home comfortable in the summer and winter without needing constant maintenance and cleaning. Give us a call at 803-532-6400 to get in touch with our experts and to learn more about what services we can provide to keep your air clean.


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