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Custom Comfort offers complete HVAC system installations for new residential and commercial customers. 

Reliable Air Conditioning Installation

Functioning air conditioning is a necessity during muggy South Carolina summers, which is why many homeowners with aging systems or growing repair bills find themselves seeking a suitable source for air conditioning installation near me as the summer months grow near. With over 50 years of experience in air conditioning installation and long-term partnerships with a variety of equipment manufacturers, Custom Comfort has the expertise you want in an air conditioning installation contractor.

Our competitive pricing, speedy AC installation, and dedication to customer satisfaction all guarantee a customized system that will meet your needs for years to come. We do the job right the first time so you don’t have to continue to pay for your central air installation. Are you frustrated with a unit that never seems to deliver the blissful cooling you crave?  Are you tired of emergency repairs that cost a fortune?

When you’re ready to upgrade to a new AC unit, Custom Care has the experienced central air installers you can rely on. Why do you need a qualified air conditioning installation contractor? What benefits will you enjoy when you partner with the AC installation experts at Custom Care?

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Why Expert Air Conditioning Installation is So Important

Air conditioning installation may seem easy enough, but when you hire a company that lacks the necessary skill and experience to select and install the proper equipment for your home, you’ll quickly learn why working with an expert air conditioner installer is so important. What could happen if you choose the wrong company for central air conditioner installation?

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First and foremost, you could end up with an expensive unit that doesn’t actually suit your needs. A unit that’s too small will struggle to cool your interior spaces, costing you a fortune in utility bills and taxing system components, potentially resulting in early wear and damage from overuse.  Choose a unit that is too large and you’ll not only overpay up-front, but because of the rapid cooling, the condensation created could circulate back into your home, increasing humidity, which you’d probably prefer to avoid.

There are other potential issues to contend with, as well, when you install new air conditioner.  In addition to selecting the right AC unit for your residential or commercial structure, there’s the larger scope of central AC installation to contend with. Your unit has to integrate within a larger network consisting of existing electrical supply, ductwork, and ventilation. These components may require repair, replacement, or upgrades to accommodate your air conditioning unit installation.

If you want to keep your interior adequately cooled, avoid overpaying for cooling costs, and ensure peak performance for years, you need a central air conditioner installation team that delivers with decades of experience and partnerships with the best manufacturers in air conditioning equipment. Custom Comfort meets and exceeds your expectations on every score.

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Air Conditioning Installation

AC Installation with Preferred Brands and Products

When it comes to air conditioning installation service, who you know is just as important as what you know. Experience would be nothing if not for our long-standing partnerships with preferred manufacturers like Lennox, Heil, and Fujitsu, among others. Working with a long list of preferred vendors offering superior AC products allows us to find the perfect solutions for your central air installation needs.

Whether you’re best served by an outdoor unit, a split-system, or window-mounted units, for example, or you want to discuss extras like WiFi thermostats, UV light filters, and whole-home dehumidifiers, we’ll provide the expert advice and price quotes you need to move forward with your central AC installation. From there, you’ll enjoy quick and efficient installation, followed by ongoing maintenance and repair services from the qualified professionals at Custom Comfort.

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Superior Central Air Conditioner Installation Services

Finding the right services for air conditioning installation near me isn’t easy, but Custom Comfort has a well-earned reputation you can count on. Since 1966, we’ve provided residents and businesses in and around the Lexington, SC area with superior HVAC services, including heating and central air installation, maintenance, and repair.

If you’re ready to install new air conditioner, you need experienced professionals that can recommend the best products from preferred manufacturers, install equipment right the first time, and maintain and repair it as needed to maximize comfort, longevity, and use value, all while minimizing costs.  Custom Comfort has delivered the best equipment and service to satisfied customers for over 50 years.

Contact Custom Comfort today at 803-532-6400 or online to learn more about our expert air conditioning installation service, schedule an appointment, and get a quote for needed HVAC services.


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