Air Conditioning Installation

Custom Comfort offers complete HVAC system installations for new residential and commercial customers. 

HVAC Installation in South Carolina

When you are building your new home or office building, you need good, solid HVAC installation without the hang ups or setbacks that often plague new construction projects. That’s where Custom Comfort comes in. Not only do we handle existing system repairs for homes and businesses, but we come in to new constructions to install building-wide heating and cooling systems. This includes laying out and installing ductwork, installing furnace stacks, and hooking up HVAC systems to external AC units.   Custom Comfort takes pride in a job well done, and we know that construction projects work on a time and cash budget. That’s why we provide competitive pricing and quick installation without sacrificing quality of work. This means that our systems work the first time. No call backs, no fixes: we get in, get everything installed, and get out so you can hang Sheetrock and keep your buildings on schedule and under budget. We can also setup and install some cutting-edge HVAC technologies for modern buildings. This includes electrostatic and UV-Light filters for your entire home, wireless thermostats, and more:

We can also setup and install some cutting-edge HVAC technologies for modern buildings. This includes electrostatic and UV-Light filters for your entire home, WiFi thermostats, and more:


  • Gas/Electric Package Units 

  • Package Heat Pump Units 

  • Split System Heat Pump Units 

  • Split Air Conditioning Units

HVAC Installation
Custom Comfort

HVAC Experts

Business and Residential Installation Services

Our experts are skilled in several kinds of system installations, depending on your needs. Our primary area of expertise is in residential and small business service. So, if you are building a new home and want a reliable heating or air conditioning installation with low costs on heating and central air conditioning unit installation, then we can help. And, if you are a contractor building a new office or series of offices and need HVAC installation in these locations, we are also there to provide top-quality service.

Custom Comfort

Air Conditioning Installation

Why Get Professional Air Conditioning Installation?

Short answer: because it is a complicated process.  The longer answer is the average cost to replace heating and air conditioning is much less when it is done right the first time. You can’t just put a unit in and expect it to work. For example, do you understand what “split” system AC is? If not, then you probably don’t want to install an air conditioning unit in your home unless it is one mounted in your window.  A professional needs to check out the location and hook-ups for an AC unit, feed power to it, and ensure that ventilation and coolant circulation are all working. There is also the issue of the unit type: depending on the size of your house, you need a specific size of AC unit. Get one that’s too small, and it will run all day every day and never cool the house. Get one too large, and you are paying extra for a unit that won’t be fully utilized.   At Custom Comfort, we are familiar with most brands of AC units. The main brands we install are  

  • Heil 
  • Fujitsu Mini-Splits

But we are able to service any brand of unit available.


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