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Folks in South Carolina want to keep their homes comfortable, and that means making sure you have a rock-solid HVAC system. That’s why so many residents in the Midlands look to Custom Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning to solve their HVAC issues. Custom Comfort is one of the only HVAC shops in the Lexington, SC area that brings that hometown touch to their work. That means that we provide free quotes and accurate estimates, and we don’t waste your time. We show up, do the work right, and get your AC or heat running just like it should be.

If you live in Lexington, SC or surrounding Columbia, then give us a call. We are a highly rated and expert HVAC provider in Lexington, and we know just what the weather has in store for our customers year-round.

heating repair in lexington sc

AC Repair in Lexington County


Custom Comfort provides customers throughout Columbia and Lexington with speedy air conditioner repair services. When the heat comes in during those warm summer months, none of us want to wait on a repair service van when the AC goes out. With Custom Comfort, you can count on service that gets the job done right. We are trained on all the latest AC units, so if there is a problem with your unit, we can get it fixed fast.


AC Installation


Lexington, like much of South Carolina, has a lot of history—the Lexington County Courthouse, the Old Batesburg-Leesville School, and the Fox House. But you don’t have to live like they did in the olden times, especially in that South Carolina heat. That’s why you need an HVAC company that replace that old AC unit or install a brand new one for your brand new home.

When that unit just isn’t going to cut it any more, then we can install a brand new one for you. We can help determine the type and size of unit you need to properly cool your house, and we can handle any kind of installation for nearly any kind of Lexington home.


Heater Repair for Customers in the Midlands of South Carolina


When it comes to heaters and heater repair, we are just as adept at fixing furnaces as we are AC units. When your furnace goes out, we can help determine what the issue is and take the necessary steps to fix them. If it is the motor, blower or thermostat, we can get your furnace back up and running before you even notice the chill.


Heater Replacement


heating repair in lexington sc

And when the worst strikes, then give us a call to get your furnace replaced ASAP. No matter the type of furnace, we can get our expert crew into your basement, crawlspace, or utility closet to pull the old furnace out and put the new one in. And, we deal fairly with our customers, because we know that a furnace replacement isn’t cheap. If you don’t 100% need to replace the furnace, or it is cheaper to repair the furnace in the long run, then we won’t suggest it.



Indoor Air Quality


There are a ton of outdoor activities in Lexington. From the Icehouse Amphitheater to Saluda Shoals Park, the fresh air and beautiful South Carolina weather will keep you out of the house more than you are in it.

But South Carolina can also be a harsh place for allergies during the spring and summer months. That’s why those looking for proper ventilation services in Lexington should check out Custom Comfort and our indoor air quality services. Don’t let allergies and other allergic reactions ruin your life. Poor air circulation or HVAC maintenance can promote dust, pollen, and mold in your system, which makes a bad problem worse. If you are looking for HVAC service in Lexington that can also provide air quality services, then call Custom Comfort.

Filter Replacement

We will provide filter replacement services, and we can install additional air filters and scrubbers throughout your home. This extra level of air cleanliness can really help individuals with severe reactions to smoke, pollen, or dust particles. 

UV Lights

Ultraviolet light (UV light) kills organic materials like bacteria and mold. Now, many HVAC systems include UV lights at key points throughout the path of air circulation to ensure that ductwork and other areas remain mold and bacteria free. Talk with us about how we can include UV light filters in your home.

Duct Pressure Test

Clean ducts (and better air flow) rely on properly working ductwork. With that in mind, we offer ductwork pressure testing that can pinpoint any problem areas in your circulation system.

Duct Repair and Replacement

And, once we find those problem areas, we can fix the problem right away. Regardless of whether your ducts need spot work to contain air leaks, or complete replacement sections, the pros at Custom Comfort can take the steps necessary to get your airflow running at peak performance.


HVAC Service Agreement for Lexington Customers

Finally, if you want an HVAC service agreement for Lexington customers that makes it that much easier to keep your AC unit and furnace running smoothly, then call us to find out more about our annual service agreement. When you sign up for this agreement, you get several perks that help you keep your furnace and air conditioner running year after year. These perks include:


  • Twice a year system maintenance for the shifts to warmer and colder seasons.
  • Priority service calls that put you at the front of the line.
  • 10% off non-warranty repairs.
  • No extra charges for off-hour calls.

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