Indoor Air Quality

The quality of your indoor air should be one of your major concerns when considering the health of your home. Custom Comfort offers several services and we also provide several options to help support clean air in your home, outside of your ductwork.

Indoor Air Pollutants
Seasonal Allergies
Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency outlines several reasons to have clean air, including  

  • Increased of short-term and long-term health problems, 
  • Coughing and wheezing, 
  • Eye irritation, 
  • Increased susceptibility to allergic reactions, and 
  •  Avoidable issues like Legionnaire’s Disease or carbon monoxide poisoning. 

You should consider having extra resources in place to ensure the quality of your indoor air.

Custom Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning can install whole-home filtering systems as well as localized air purifiers.

Air Purifiers

Custom Comfort can sell and install air purifiers throughout your home to help ensure indoor air quality standards that will keep your family healthy. This includes whole house air purification systems, air purifier units, and other air cleaning utilities.   We install air purifier units with top-of-the-line filters that can (depending on the filter) block out fine particulates, allergens, mold, and animal dander. That means that there are less pollutants in your indoor air, and you and your family can breathe easier.

Humidifies and Dehumidifiers

We also sell and install whole-house humidifiers. Whole-house units hook right up to your heating and cooling system as well as your water supply to provide humidity control. These units allow you to regulate the humidity of your home, providing comfort in muggy summer or dry winter months while also preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.

We also provide UV light filtering systems. Never heard of a UV light filter? Well, we install lights in places in your ductwork and HVAC system to emit light on the ultraviolet spectrum. This light resembles some of the energy that comes from the sun and causes things like sunburn. However, when in your ductwork, it works to kill organic materials like mold and bacteria.  This kind of filtering, along with air purifiers and a maintained ductwork system, works well to prevent toxins in your air.  

Whole House Air Purification Systems

Sometimes you need to have a solution that covers your entire home, built right into your HVAC system. Custom Comfort offers several solutions that can help your home adhere to EPA indoor air quality standards by cleaning and purifying the air and your ducts. Don’t wait for the air quality index to hit the red before you decide to handle your indoor air. And don’t wait for serious allergies or mold to pop up before you decide to put in a solution for your entire home that will keep you and your family breathing easy.

Our Services

Custom Comfort offers customers in the Midlands of South Carolina expert installation of cleaning and filter equipment and air purifiers. We work on localized and whole house purification systems, which can include advanced UV lighting and electrostatic filters.   But, if you want to get something in place—say, because of debilitating allergies or mold sensitivity—then we can discuss financing options with you so that you can take care of your indoor air quality problems now instead of 5 months from now. Our plans will let you pay on a schedule so that you can get done what needs done.

Maintain High Indoor Quality

Don’t get caught on a bad air quality index day. Put your allergies to rest and prevent future health issues by controlling the quality of your indoor air. We are the experts for indoor air products and indoor air quality in Lexington, SC and surrounding areas. 

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